Wednesday, January 9, 2008

professional at home; some respect pls

What do you do? I am staying at home, full time mom. I can see the same reaction in every one's eyes. mmm lucky you. you should be having plenty of time. and that's it. conversation ends in general at this point, or if lucky, few more questions about the baby and they will get back to dubai's everyday discussions: business.
excuse me: a full time mom is not what you think. we are doing the most difficult job in the world, 24/7, no mercy, no rest. even if the baby goes to sleep, we will have to clean the mess she created and get a quick bite before she wakes up. My home is a mess, i don't have time. I have grew 10 years older in the past one year. it is so hectic. it is not what you think. yes it is rewarding from our angels, our sons and daughters.
but can we have some respect from you as well?

We have been working, and we know what to do other than changing diapers and feeding babies, but we have chosen to be next to our babies, because they need us now.

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PM said...

I respect you sister. Being a full-time stay at home mom is one of the most demanding and important things you can do with your life. Insha'Allah your life will be long and you will have a chance to experience both career and family, if that's what you want. Embrace your choice and don't let others disrespect it.

Salaam Alaikum,