Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dealing with In Laws

the never ending debate: how can someone deal with in laws, without problems, without hassle. I have never faced the issue in my 7 yr of marriage, until very recently, when i came to stay with them for 2 months in beirut, with my daughter.
All the problems started with my daughter. I am a very " by the book" oriented mom, but i understood that some rules have to be broken when in laws are there. no more sleep at 8, but rather 9:30 , 10 p.m. and definitely it is me who has to suffer and run after her and they are watching.
last week, my mother in law wanted to give my daughter a chocolate at 10 p.m. ( giving her more energy ). when i asked her not to give it to her, she insisted. Of course my daughter started crying bc she saw the chocolate and she wanted it. i told her 3 times not to give it to her, then she said with a " high tone": I am gonna give it to her.
I said " this is my daughter and it is my right to decide what to do with her".

Ooooooooopssssssss. what a mistake. " ok i am not gonna touch her after this, i dont want to know her, Cursing my husband bc he is keeping me , and so on and on and on".

Do i have to shut my mouth after hearing all this?
My husband, who is abroad, insisted that i have to apologize, bc she is elder and i have to understand.

Is it fair?