Wednesday, March 4, 2009

who gets more tired?

thats the unanwered question and the endless debate.
we know that you (man) are working hard, but excuse me, what do u do other than going o office and work. Oh yes, it is mental stress, but so we are.
i go to work as well and i have mental stress. i have to be a million different character at the same time: i wake up at 6 to clean part of what i can finish at home, i prepare the food, i prepare the kid to nursery, i go drop her, i go to work and meetings and presentations..., i pick her up, i feed her, i play with her, i clean after her, i give herthe shower, i put the dinner, i clean again, i put her to sleep and real the goodnight story..... i do the grocery shopping, the laundry, ...I I I . it is all me.
so who is tired more? why u dont help in anything???
is this how u were raised? " u are a man, u should not help!!!