Tuesday, February 26, 2008

29 years

last week, it was my birthday and it is my last year in the 20's. I didnt have any cake, or any celebration. we are on vacation, the vacation is celebration.. that's what my husband told me. but i had a weird feeling. I am growing up, my responsibilities are growing... It is a new phase in my life, actually it started when i had my baby... a total life makeover...

Happy birthday to me.
I will promise myself that i will do something for me, most probably arts related. I should start

Monday, February 18, 2008

why do westerns say hi to each other, we dont

I am writing now from the USA. I came few days ago to celebrate the graduation and marriage of my brother in law.
I was walking early morning , trying to enjoy the good weather and noticed that everyone, young and old people, females and males.... say hi to each other, even if they dont know the other person.
It s great. i like it. and started thinking why we dont do the same... Our culture is more family and society oriented than their culture. Our religion asks us to do so... why i dont know who is my neighbour? why if i say good morning when i am in the lift, no one replies to me?

small gesture, but it means a lot...
worth give it a thought.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

a typical day in my life

This is a typical day in my life. Believe me, i am not exaggerating:
waking up at 7 with my daughter.
time to feed, change her diaper and clothing. all this, when she wants to play and she fights with me.
8:00 take her to nursery. drive 20 min to arrive, then come back.
the plan is to go directly to the sport class, but never on time, so skip it.
come back home, prepare his sandwish, and then he wakes up , and goes.
I go to my meetings and work ( I am working on my own projects when she is in nursery).
run, run , run to finish before she comes back. 1:30 pick her and come home.
Home is a mess: need to clean, make it proper ( proper with her is not a correct word).
she's getting bored: time to take her out to play area,
OH, it is 5 already. i need to cook, and try my best to make home a bit acceptable before he comes back.
6:30- 7 : he's back: serve the dinner for him and her. Oh I just realized that i didnt have a proper lunch. time to eat. prepare her shower , play with her in water, change her clothing ( another fight), and time to sleep at 8.
Waw. she slept, but i need to remove the mess again, ironing, serving tea and fruits ....
it is already 12. midnight, i am exhausted. let me sleep.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I am finding it hard to stop breastfeeding . she is now 1year and half and still breastfeeding her. No Formula at all. I am happy with it. it gives me personal satisfaction , I am trying to give her the best. and I am still productive
but the idea that one day i have to stop and she will no more be dependant on my body is still far to be accepted to me.

Friday, February 8, 2008

after sunset, i wanted to walk in this nice spot of dubai, where lots of kids play and plenty of well organized artificial greenery.
After playing with my daughter on the grass, i lie down and started contemplating the stars and moon, although it was still not fully dark.
Waw. I miss this feeling. I have been transferred in seconds to another life, more innocent, more free time, more natural, more "village" style. Sub7han Allah for its creatures.

It was so relaxing. I forget the problems of the day.
I want to promise myself to repeat it . for myself. 5 min every few days and all start blank :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

You are her dad, so please share responsibilities

So what will happen if you take her to the nursery every morning? or let's say once a week?
it is on your way to the office, and you can take her a bit late, so it will match exactly your timing.
You know that she will not cry, she will enjoy it...
Why I have to take her everyday and then come back home?
Is it a shame to do that?

and No, you are not the only one who does so. If you go there, you will notice that a lot of dads drop their children.

Give me just one valid excuse.