Tuesday, January 29, 2008

intimate relation

I am sure it is not normal. he is not approaching me at all. it has been more than 7-8 months when we last slept together. and at that time, it was after many months as well. i know that my body is not anymore the same, as i havent lost few more kilos left. but still, can this be normal.?
i tried to understand many times the reason for this, and i sometimes initiated the action myself, but there is always a rejection from his side.
i am sure he is not dating another woman.. he cannot be. he spends his time at office and home... but why is this>?
it has never been a priority for e at any point, but i still would like to feel that he desires me, i want to feel the woman inside me... i lost it


ma3jarida said...

Dear friend
I guess you should face him and talk about it frankly...
di you try to look very sexy and pass by him and ignore him for few days... would it work forhim as you know his caracter?
good luck

Life of Arab Woman said...

well, i tried. but not consistent. and once we were talking about it and the reason is " Our daughter is taking our time". I know this is a challenge for all parents, but still. How can i get another baby?

Saudi Pearl said...

hey friend, i jst wanted to say thnx for ur comment on my blog about my mum, anyway, as for ur problem, for every excuse he comes up with have a come back, this way he wont be able to say anything. having a kid is tough and sure ur body changes, let him know how u feel.

Hopeless Poet said...

As a man I don't understand why your husband acting that way! I hope that he get back to his senses soon ..