Sunday, April 19, 2009

adultery, or only a dream?

I dreamt of him last night, We were dancing together, and he was looking at me in his romantic look, and he kissed me.
This is may be the 3rd time I dream of him. I really love him. I can't stop watching his series on youtube, on all the blogs, looking at his news, his pictures, his video clips.
I never imagined myself to be obsessed with a actor.

My dream of last night shocked me. I love my husband, and I never imagine myself with anyone else.
"I committed adultery with my brain", that’s what an ex president of the USA said once. So did I commit adultery with this dream?
Frankly, i have mixed feeling : i am so annoyed that my uncounscious is thinking extreme of him, but i am happy of this dream .
It has been a while that I didn’t write. Mylife the past few months:My husband is back to his old "him", so more caring, more helpful, but never more romantic. May be I have to believe that the marriage life really kills all romantism, and having babies and their daily stress will totally destroy it?
My work is ok, but I am not learning anything new.
Being a non Saudi female, working in Saudi, has a lot of limitations in career growth. But I am still happy to be working.
The economic crisis has seriously affected us. So we lost all what we have been collecting , and now we start from scratch.
In Saudi, you feel that all the people are always sad and tensed. You don’t find people smiling , or active. It is as if " I am living my moment ". this is very depressing for someone who used to live a "normal" life, where people are normal and smiling, crying, shouting, .... full of life, all aspects of life.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

who gets more tired?

thats the unanwered question and the endless debate.
we know that you (man) are working hard, but excuse me, what do u do other than going o office and work. Oh yes, it is mental stress, but so we are.
i go to work as well and i have mental stress. i have to be a million different character at the same time: i wake up at 6 to clean part of what i can finish at home, i prepare the food, i prepare the kid to nursery, i go drop her, i go to work and meetings and presentations..., i pick her up, i feed her, i play with her, i clean after her, i give herthe shower, i put the dinner, i clean again, i put her to sleep and real the goodnight story..... i do the grocery shopping, the laundry, ...I I I . it is all me.
so who is tired more? why u dont help in anything???
is this how u were raised? " u are a man, u should not help!!!