Thursday, January 31, 2008

WHat a mom will say during a day, in less than 3 min

It is so funny, and so true.
I am experiencing only very few, since she is still a toddler.
Must see clip

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

intimate relation

I am sure it is not normal. he is not approaching me at all. it has been more than 7-8 months when we last slept together. and at that time, it was after many months as well. i know that my body is not anymore the same, as i havent lost few more kilos left. but still, can this be normal.?
i tried to understand many times the reason for this, and i sometimes initiated the action myself, but there is always a rejection from his side.
i am sure he is not dating another woman.. he cannot be. he spends his time at office and home... but why is this>?
it has never been a priority for e at any point, but i still would like to feel that he desires me, i want to feel the woman inside me... i lost it

Friday, January 25, 2008

She is driving me crazy

She is driving me crazy, but she is also amazing. you have been travelling for 2 weeks now and she has been with me all the time, except when she goes these 3 days part time to the nursery. She wants the TV on, she doesnt want to eat the food, except chocolate, she doesnt want to stay in one place, she doesnt want to change her diapers, she wants to throw water on the floor....
Ok, it is" her age" and she needs to explore, but i cant make it ... i cant keep the home tidy and proper at all.....
and after all, you come and start saying that the home is not proper and that you thought that i am a better housewife.
I am sorry, would you like to try staying with her half a day only and tell me your reaction after that?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Identity crisis!!!

I am reading about the war that women live in once they get babies and still dream of an excellent career. which is my case. and i found out, which is true, that we live identity crisis: our nature and mind tells us to care about our jewels, but the pressure of the society and the competition is asking us to be active. this is resulting in identity crisis.
have you faced the same?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Wake Up Arabs

What else do you want to happen so that you wake up and realize the tragedy you are living in? you didnt hear Bush saying yesterday that no return to Palestinian refugees to their stolen lands? what did you do since then? did you talk about it? did you move and banned his visit to your countries? did you shout loudly that this is unfair?

all what i can see is that you are in very deep sleep, not aware of anything.
let me clarify that i am not talking about the " leaders", because these have sold their lands and souls and people to Israel and America and whomever is against the justice.
I am talking about you, the arab people.

Move, move, move.... isnt it time for the revolution???

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

professional at home; some respect pls

What do you do? I am staying at home, full time mom. I can see the same reaction in every one's eyes. mmm lucky you. you should be having plenty of time. and that's it. conversation ends in general at this point, or if lucky, few more questions about the baby and they will get back to dubai's everyday discussions: business.
excuse me: a full time mom is not what you think. we are doing the most difficult job in the world, 24/7, no mercy, no rest. even if the baby goes to sleep, we will have to clean the mess she created and get a quick bite before she wakes up. My home is a mess, i don't have time. I have grew 10 years older in the past one year. it is so hectic. it is not what you think. yes it is rewarding from our angels, our sons and daughters.
but can we have some respect from you as well?

We have been working, and we know what to do other than changing diapers and feeding babies, but we have chosen to be next to our babies, because they need us now.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New year resolution

Happy new year. i cant believe how time is flying.
one of my resolutions for this year is to write, about everything. i deleted all the previous blogs i had, because they were on and off. but now, this one will be ongoing. I will write because i want to find myself. I am totally lost and i have many ideas of what to do, how to define myself and many more. this blog will be my history. i want to look at myself in the future and see how i used to think, and how am i evolving, what changed in me.

Being very ambitious and clever, then faced the fact of the amazing motherhood, but the impossibility of balancing work and family, if you are an employee. I managed to do that for some time, but when my daughter grew to a toddler, it became impossible. every moment in her life is precious. so i gained her by being next to her, but i lost myself and my husband....