Monday, April 21, 2008

Observation from beirut

Walking in the streets of Beirut , you can't but notice the dominance of girls over males. Everywhere you go you just notice young females around you. why not, and all the statistics are showing that the males migrate as soon as they graduate, mainly to Gulf countries. a friend working in a research company mentioned to me that the ratio of female to male in Lebanon between the age of 24 to 35 is 7 to 1....... Oh.
I can see it clearly. A single female friend told me : How can i find someone to get married to, there are no males...............

Another observation is the clothing of the lebanese. It is known that the lebanese females clothing is so funky and "over".. but it is too much. the temperature didnt reach yet 25 and the girls are sleevless and minis and see throughs... I am wondering if i get to live once again in lebanon, can i prevent my daughter of being more conservative..

Friday, April 11, 2008

traffic lights in beirut

If you have ever visited beirut , you will know what i will be talking about.

Traffic lights, some working some others.

but no one really respect them at all. Even the policemen themselves.

You will find a red traffic, and a policeman managing the traffic by letting them pass ( although the traffic is red)...some other cars not respecting the policeman and going their own way ( illegal U turns, taxis stopping in the middle of the road to pick customers...).

Me, being a person abiding by the law, stopped at every red traffis light. I should not mention about the cars and their horns , but i will tell you uthat one taxi driver stopped and shouted at me and said " na'sni ba3ed... shou a3mli h7alik class ".

Are you laughing or crying? it can be both

a country that doesnt respect itself , no one will respect it... Sorry Lebanon

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beirut ya Beirut

Hello from beirut
the amazing city... i miss it, miss every corner in it, every street.. the traffic, the noise, the old cars, Rawche rock, the food, ...
I am here now. trying to enjoy

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bath sponge wins style stakes

No need to spend thousands of Dirhams to be attractive and fashionable. just be creative... read this... i like the idea

In arguably one of the most dramatic wins at the World Cup Style Stakes, a lady won the runner-up award for best dressed lady and $4000 in shopping vouchers just by showing up in a Dh5 worth of bath sponge on her head and an old black dress and managed to trounce those who spent thousands of dirhams just on hats and another fortune on designer dress, fancy footwear and accessories. Clearly proving it is not what you wear but how you carry what you wear, Leila Amar, 25, a PR director, pulled off a stunning victory defeating 22 of the 23 finalists to walk away with the runner-up prize. “I am wearing a bath sponge for headdress which cost me a meager Dh5, a three year old black dress from Debenhams and orange Aldo high-heel shoes. I think may be it was my boyfriend’s prayers that did the trick for me,” she said. Leila won $4000 in shopping vouchers which she plans to spend on an Armani suit for her boyfriend and a couple of Luis Vuitton bags and a Chanel dress for herself.
* Watch the videoBut the lady who outstyled all 23 finalists, whittled down from a list of 200 participants, was Milena Diaz, 26, who charmed the judges with her simple but classic black and while theme. A flight attendant, Milena wore a Betsy Johnson from New York, shoes from Singapore, and a hat that she borrowed from a friend the night before the big day. “I wanted to make a statement so I kept my look black and white. Keeping it classic and simple did it for me.” Milena won $7000 in shopping vouchers, two airline tickets to Thailand where she can enjoy a free five-day stay at Shiva Som resort. She will travel with her boyfriend. An improvement on last year’s Style Stakes, this year the Style Arena, venue for the best dressed lady, best dressed couple and best hat fashion contests, was strategically located trackside, allowing contestants and race goers easy and quick access to both races and style stakes making sure they can enjoy one without missing the other. The show was hosted, eighth year in a row, by noted radio presenter Nannette Midwood, who likened the event to the Ascot and Melbourne Cup and said she had “watched the event grow from a very small fashion event to the biggest style event at any racing calendar in the world”. The contest was judged by four judges who looked for quirky, original racing attire.
“The contestants are judged on deportment, accessories, outfit, overall image, hats and smiles,” said Nannette who herself looked stunning in a light and summery hat and an animal print Roberto Cavalli. She observed that this year’s style stakes drew a lot of male interest resulting in the participation of 80 couples to stake their claim at the Best Dressed Couple award. The $5000 award went to Australians David Dodd, 30, and his partner Celena Pelly, 28, both flight attendants. “I am wearing a hat and a dress from Brisbane, Australia, and I bought my shoes at Paris Gallery, said Celena. David confessed “it was Celena who bagged the award.” “I was just a handbag, just an accessory,” he added. To cap it all there was the milliner’s award, Best Hat, won by Abi Ferreira, 36, an interior designer, who wore a Kim Fletcher hat which she bought for Dh1000. Abi won $4000 in shopping vouchers and plans to buy a nice handbag with it.