Sunday, April 19, 2009

It has been a while that I didn’t write. Mylife the past few months:My husband is back to his old "him", so more caring, more helpful, but never more romantic. May be I have to believe that the marriage life really kills all romantism, and having babies and their daily stress will totally destroy it?
My work is ok, but I am not learning anything new.
Being a non Saudi female, working in Saudi, has a lot of limitations in career growth. But I am still happy to be working.
The economic crisis has seriously affected us. So we lost all what we have been collecting , and now we start from scratch.
In Saudi, you feel that all the people are always sad and tensed. You don’t find people smiling , or active. It is as if " I am living my moment ". this is very depressing for someone who used to live a "normal" life, where people are normal and smiling, crying, shouting, .... full of life, all aspects of life.

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emoke said...

if u still read this blog please contact me. i am fascinated of ur writings. please write me