Sunday, April 19, 2009

adultery, or only a dream?

I dreamt of him last night, We were dancing together, and he was looking at me in his romantic look, and he kissed me.
This is may be the 3rd time I dream of him. I really love him. I can't stop watching his series on youtube, on all the blogs, looking at his news, his pictures, his video clips.
I never imagined myself to be obsessed with a actor.

My dream of last night shocked me. I love my husband, and I never imagine myself with anyone else.
"I committed adultery with my brain", that’s what an ex president of the USA said once. So did I commit adultery with this dream?
Frankly, i have mixed feeling : i am so annoyed that my uncounscious is thinking extreme of him, but i am happy of this dream .


Noor said...

Asalam Alaykum, I like your blog alhumdullah I found it. I wanted to invite you to Cafe Muslimah which is a forum for Muslimahs I really think you will love it. Please stop by ukti...

nadine said...

the first post i read on your blog i had a feeling that you are lebanese. i am lebanezse too.. i cant stop myself from eeading your post. post after another. i like your blog and above all i like you honesty.. thank you


Jaz said...

Salam alaykum.. you cant help what you dream about :)

Anonymous said...

Why have you stopped? I know it is now three years since you stopped but please update about your life.