Wednesday, March 4, 2009

who gets more tired?

thats the unanwered question and the endless debate.
we know that you (man) are working hard, but excuse me, what do u do other than going o office and work. Oh yes, it is mental stress, but so we are.
i go to work as well and i have mental stress. i have to be a million different character at the same time: i wake up at 6 to clean part of what i can finish at home, i prepare the food, i prepare the kid to nursery, i go drop her, i go to work and meetings and presentations..., i pick her up, i feed her, i play with her, i clean after her, i give herthe shower, i put the dinner, i clean again, i put her to sleep and real the goodnight story..... i do the grocery shopping, the laundry, ...I I I . it is all me.
so who is tired more? why u dont help in anything???
is this how u were raised? " u are a man, u should not help!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't know where men got th eidea that it's all good for us to do everything at home while handling our careers. The best part of the day? Well, of course, when you see habibi coming back from work, collapsing on the sofa while tentatively looking with his hand for the remote control and after the deep sight he slowly moans in a childish voice, "God! I am soooooo tired..."
Bewildered and fuming with anger, we still have to control ourselves as women (for fear of appearing irrational creatures...who has not heard that one, right? Because screaming in traffic is not irrational maybe?) and finding a diplomatic way to get habibi to work on the house choirs...Apart from faking illness, fainting or bargaining for bedroom favors, there are not many lasting solutions.

um almujahid said...

assalamu alaykum

well, as women & mothers, our job is 24/7 without a day off... ;)

Anonymous said...

the answer is he is an arab. as long as they're paying all the living expenses, then he doesn't lift a finger. if he has you paying living expenses and doing everything..then i'd have a major problem with that. you're patient woman which keeps you humble. im a reverted muslim soon to divorce my arab husband because ive been doing everything and battling verbal abuse. it sucks. it's now his idea to divorce so hot diggidy halal hot dog i'm taking him up on his offer. funny how they like to play dumb when it's ur idea i.e. "why don't we just call it quits, i'm not happy with you anymore"...hus(wha what do you mean u wanna quit me) whatever - women be strong and if its bad it's better to leave before you develop postpartum depression and go outta yo mind!

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