Thursday, September 11, 2008

in jeddah

we have moved. it was so hectic. packing, unpacking, saying goodbyes, throwing stuff u may not need ( i am a person who loves keeping everything. )... Now in jeddah, in a new home, new country, new lifestyle.
My first experience is not encouraging. During Ramadan, the stores open at 1 to 3:30, and then open at 9:30 p.m till 2 a.m. ( only the supermarkets open from 10 to 3, then 9:30 to 2).
So if you need to buy stuff from market ( I need plenty, i have just moved in), you cant go in one date and get it.
and since i have a baby, i cant go out at night, so i am limited to 2.30 hours a day.

and i cant drive, so you need to book the driver in advance.

God told us in the quraan that work is 3ibada ( worship) and that if we need to work, it has be done properly. so how do they think here?


Anonymous said...

They think differently i guess!!! how are u holding on ??

Life of Arab Woman said...

it is difficult. totally different behaviour. luckily i just found a job, which should make it easier. Lets hope

Anonymous said...

behavior as in most religious u mean??

American Muslima Writer said...

Well I hope that Sadui will be good for youa nd good for your marriage insha'Allah just keep hold of your man that he doesn't get corrupted by some stupid shieks they have there and he'll try to turn you sour. Know your deen in and out. Keep tabs. Love to you and your baby.

Life of Arab Woman said...

sorry for the late reply girls.
by behaviour, i meant that people here are lazy, dont want to work, stay with their very young children in the malls till late night.. these are some of the most frustrating stuff.