Wednesday, August 6, 2008

leaving dubai

The breaking news has been announced and he told me that he got the golden opportunity at work, but this has to be based in Saudi. It was a shock for me, but a positive one. I am so happy for him to get this promotion, but we will leave dubai to saudi. Oh oh.
In general, i am the kind of person that i can adapt to different situations, but the idea of being " not free" is not acceptable for me. I hate asking drivers to take me to this place or that one. but the biggest question to me is whether this will definitely kill my career. It all depends on the daycare of my baby there.
I am so bored being at home, so angry from not progressing in a career that i quickly started leaning and building and growing in it. But yes my daughter is a priority.
Now i feel that i love every street and corner of Dubai ( i always say that it is so artificial and not a place to live in.. ) it is weird how someone can have many feelings towards the same thing.


American Muslima Writer said...

Wow what move! I really hope it works out for you guys and that you stay happy in SA. Check out American Bedu on my blogroll for great ideas of life in Saudi ok. There are lots of saudi blogs these days you can check out and make some friendly links with before you go :) I wish you well dear.

Life of Arab Woman said...

Many thanks. I am looking forward for it now. i need some change.