Sunday, August 3, 2008

I dont know what exactly shall i choose the title of this subject. I have heard so much about the turkish series Noor and about the romantic Mohannad. Yesterday was the first time to watch it. Although he is fighting with his wife, but his and her looks on each other are full of love.

It has affected me, as i am still living this "side to side" life. No affection at all. we dont fight, we talk everything to each other. I dont doubt at all that he loves someone else. But i have totally lost the feeling of being his lover.

Our marriage has been a love marriage, and this love was always growing and growing. Few days after tha birth of our baby, we discovered a new love to each other. But then everything has disappear.

Our days are just passing, and I really miss him, the old him.
I just cant stop crying now.

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American Muslima Writer said...

Subhanallah this sometimes happens after birth of children the relationship cools off and sometimes womena re so tired and stressed dealing with baby that men wander, not excusing just explaining, but i hope he hasn't found another woman on the side, inshallah. Try making date nights wqith him if you can, stir some romance back into the days and nights.