Thursday, February 14, 2008

a typical day in my life

This is a typical day in my life. Believe me, i am not exaggerating:
waking up at 7 with my daughter.
time to feed, change her diaper and clothing. all this, when she wants to play and she fights with me.
8:00 take her to nursery. drive 20 min to arrive, then come back.
the plan is to go directly to the sport class, but never on time, so skip it.
come back home, prepare his sandwish, and then he wakes up , and goes.
I go to my meetings and work ( I am working on my own projects when she is in nursery).
run, run , run to finish before she comes back. 1:30 pick her and come home.
Home is a mess: need to clean, make it proper ( proper with her is not a correct word).
she's getting bored: time to take her out to play area,
OH, it is 5 already. i need to cook, and try my best to make home a bit acceptable before he comes back.
6:30- 7 : he's back: serve the dinner for him and her. Oh I just realized that i didnt have a proper lunch. time to eat. prepare her shower , play with her in water, change her clothing ( another fight), and time to sleep at 8.
Waw. she slept, but i need to remove the mess again, ironing, serving tea and fruits ....
it is already 12. midnight, i am exhausted. let me sleep.