Sunday, February 10, 2008


I am finding it hard to stop breastfeeding . she is now 1year and half and still breastfeeding her. No Formula at all. I am happy with it. it gives me personal satisfaction , I am trying to give her the best. and I am still productive
but the idea that one day i have to stop and she will no more be dependant on my body is still far to be accepted to me.


ma3jarida said...

I envy your feeling, i used to think it was only hard on the child when no more breastfed... but it looks like harder on mama..
i had no milk with both my babies and was unable to breastfeed for long, they were always hungry and doctors blamed me and i had a depression because of it. it is supposed to be a normal phenomena donno why it was that hard for me to be able to live it..
God Bless you

Fa6ma said...

Girls will always depend on their mothers, you should know that ;)

nyxxie said...

that is so adorable i have never heard someone say this. i love the idea of breastfeeding i feel it really brings that closeness between a mom and her child. anyway you can keep feeding till she's 2 years old :) enjoy.