Tuesday, February 26, 2008

29 years

last week, it was my birthday and it is my last year in the 20's. I didnt have any cake, or any celebration. we are on vacation, the vacation is celebration.. that's what my husband told me. but i had a weird feeling. I am growing up, my responsibilities are growing... It is a new phase in my life, actually it started when i had my baby... a total life makeover...

Happy birthday to me.
I will promise myself that i will do something for me, most probably arts related. I should start


Hopeless Poet said...

Happy belated birthday

Fa6ma said...

Happy birthday =)
30s rock! Like on a trip when you're walking through a street and you already know what's good and bad on that road, you already know! And discoveries only get more interesting.
That's how my 24 years old self feel about it, never regret a year that passed, and earn every wrinkle =)