Thursday, December 11, 2008

it is getting better

first eid mubarak. it has been long time i didnt write, but really it took me time to settle down in this new country.
very luckily, i found a job, a miracle for an expat woman in saudi. i started last week, beginning of dec. my office is like a prison: a female office should not be in the middle of male offices in saudi, it should have a different entrance than those of males, it should not have any window looking outside, so that no one sees us,
i am alone in the office, the only female working there, among some 800 employees.
I have to be veiled and wearing the traditional abaya.
my colleagues are nice so far, butt some looking at me in a weird way. may be it is the first time they see a female working.

i am so happy to be back to work, but working in a prison is killing me.


American Muslima Writer said...

SubhanAllah I hope workign turns out better for you thatn not working. LOL I can just imagine the Stares 0_o Maybe put a sign on your head YEAH I AM A WOMAN IMAGINE THAT! Hmm I guess that's what hijab is for lol.

Random Muslima said...

Salamu alaykum, I wish to read more from you ukhtee inshaALlah. May Allah make it easy for you.

American Muslima Writer said...

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Anonymous said...

hey is it the employees or prison mates looking at you. scary stuff!