Friday, April 11, 2008

traffic lights in beirut

If you have ever visited beirut , you will know what i will be talking about.

Traffic lights, some working some others.

but no one really respect them at all. Even the policemen themselves.

You will find a red traffic, and a policeman managing the traffic by letting them pass ( although the traffic is red)...some other cars not respecting the policeman and going their own way ( illegal U turns, taxis stopping in the middle of the road to pick customers...).

Me, being a person abiding by the law, stopped at every red traffis light. I should not mention about the cars and their horns , but i will tell you uthat one taxi driver stopped and shouted at me and said " na'sni ba3ed... shou a3mli h7alik class ".

Are you laughing or crying? it can be both

a country that doesnt respect itself , no one will respect it... Sorry Lebanon


American Muslima Writer said...

Yeah Lebanon traffic is the worst I've seen anywhere. Subhan'Allah! I was just going to post about this too. heh.

Anonymous said...

first of all people in lebanon do respect traffic lights you idiot, besides ur just stupid, and by the way, im sure ur just jealous of lebanese people only because they are superior.


what the hell are you talking about.... i go to work every day by car in beirut, and i pass by a minimum of 6 traffic lights, and when the light turns red, ALL the cars stop, so stop inventing stories, and live in the real world, u just cant stand the fact that lebanese people are perfect... can you???

Life of Arab Woman said...

Lebanese guy and anomymous. Habibati, i am lebanese, and i am happy and very proud of being lebanese. we are superior in our own life, but when it comes to the country, to the society, we are the most unrespected people. we just love ourselves. lebanese guy, where do the people respect the traffic light? in Verdun? In mazraa? in Solidere? port? Ashrafieh? i have rarely seen it.


Rachidine street

Charles said...

i have 2 things to say:
1) People do abide by traffic lights.
2) How come you follow traffic lights in lebanon although your in dubai ( it says so in your description)

Life of Arab Woman said...

Charles, I was on a visit to Beirut.
It is great that people do follow the rules. although thats not what i saw. I hope i am mistaken :)


well its great that now authorities are making sure traffic rules are being abided by...
so no one crosses a red light or any thing of that :)