Monday, April 21, 2008

Observation from beirut

Walking in the streets of Beirut , you can't but notice the dominance of girls over males. Everywhere you go you just notice young females around you. why not, and all the statistics are showing that the males migrate as soon as they graduate, mainly to Gulf countries. a friend working in a research company mentioned to me that the ratio of female to male in Lebanon between the age of 24 to 35 is 7 to 1....... Oh.
I can see it clearly. A single female friend told me : How can i find someone to get married to, there are no males...............

Another observation is the clothing of the lebanese. It is known that the lebanese females clothing is so funky and "over".. but it is too much. the temperature didnt reach yet 25 and the girls are sleevless and minis and see throughs... I am wondering if i get to live once again in lebanon, can i prevent my daughter of being more conservative..


American Muslima Writer said...

Sorry took so long to read this becuase i lost all my links when i changed blog colors. ANyways yeah i totally agree. The ratio wasn't that great to begin with then with Isreal attacking '06 and then recent events a lot of the "good catches" are gone to Gulf and overseas. Leving a whole lotta ladies unmarried and alone. As for those corrupted chicks who dress worse than I see back home in USA it kills me. My in-laws in Lebanon are conservative like me yet we all still have to walk side by side with these girls in their barely there clothes or fashion hijabs (not covering properly). It is a big struggle not to fall into their steps.

Umm Yusuf said...

this is the side of the middle east people do NOT get to see/hear about. of course everyone imagines burqas floating down the street when in reality thats rare!