Sunday, March 9, 2008

living with walls

sometimes, i wish i live with walls, alone with my daughter. at least the walls do not have commands , and i will know that i am not expecting any expressions.

what will happen if u help me in removing some of the food from the dining table, while i am giving my daughter a bath and put her to sleep. is it a shame?
how can i cope with all what i need to do and still be alive at the end of the day?

u didnt tell me that u have invited ur beloved brothers to dinner, and though, although i am dead from this jet lag and ur daughter's requirements all the day, i have prepared stuff quickly, then ran to gave her the bath and feed her. i was dizzy for not sleeping well, and i slipped in the bath. when i called u, u asked if anything happened to her. i told u it is me who slipped, u started laughing!!! and finally, when everything is over and time to remove the stuff from the dining table, i found you sleeping. without telling me good night.

WHats wrong? everything was ok during the day.

isnt it fair to wish living with the walls?


Fa6ma said...

Stinks! What he did stinks. Insensitive indeed. Those things confuse me, I hate problems =/

Life of Arab Woman said...

well he apologized the next day and when i asked him why he did so, he said " i dont know" and kissed me with apologies .

American Muslima Writer said...

SOmetimes men are thick and they don't realize all the trials we deal with for our homes, kids ,and them. Sometimes we need to remind them (the very next day is best) that they weere insensitive to our needs. Next time your lightheded skip the bath and wait til the morning unless your darling is albsolutlty stickyness. That could have been something far from laughable for anyone. I'm glad he apologised

MyHijab said...

You have said in this post exactly what I want to say.